What are the sites. Types and classification according to their purpose

Before ordering a turnkey site, you need to decide on the target orientation of the site. And from this to determine what kind of site you need.

In one of the articles (top errors when ordering a site) it was already mentioned how important it is to decide on the goal that you want to implement using the site. And in this article we will consider what sites are depending on the tasks.


If you need to declare yourself, inform customers about your activities, the services provided, products, etc., as well as increase your rating among customers, then you need a website that implements a representative function.

1. Business card site

This is a very popular variety of sites among small firms, freelancers, individual entrepreneurs. Designed to communicate information about its owner and its activities to a wide range of users. Consists of a small number of pages.

The advantages of such a site:

  • low cost;
  • quick start;
  • convenience and ease of implementation;
  • customer acquisition.


  • difficulty promoting
  • the user is not delayed on the site
  • limited functionality

2. Corporate website

This is a more complex resource in terms of implementation, volume and functionality. Corporate site is suitable for large and medium-sized firms. It implements image and information tasks. The corporate website contains all the information about the company, its activities, goods and services, a news feed, information about employees or management, etc. It may also include a commercial function. In other words, provide customers with the opportunity to carry out orders, make purchases, receive information about promotions, etc. As a rule, there is the possibility of communication between the offices and branches of the company. In fact, the corporate site is an interactive office of the company. Those. Once on the corporate site, the client should receive equivalent service, as if he came to the representative office of this company.


  • a large information base on the activities of the company, its products and services;
  • the ability to support customers online and provide operational reference information;
  • Services to assist in the selection of goods or services (3D design, calculators, etc.);
  • Active customer acquisition
  • Services for communication between employees;


  • high cost and terms of the project;
  • the need to have staff for technical and informational support of the site.

3. Portfolio website

This is a kind of business card. Portfolio site is also designed to attract the attention of customers. In addition, a portfolio site is needed to demonstrate the finished result from the implementation of the services of this company. Very popular among website developers, web designers, photo studios, etc.


  • low cost;
  • speed of launch;
  • visibility for customers.


  • limited functionality;
  • the complexity of promotion in search engines.


If you need to sell goods to Internet users, increase sales, quickly sell a specific product or service, then you need commercial websites. These sites include:

1. Online store

A very common type of site. The name speaks for itself. Such a site is an interactive catalog, with the ability to purchase a product or service online, payment, feedback, etc. We won’t talk much, because each of us used the services of online stores. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of this type of site.


  • the ability to make customer purchases around the clock;
  • unlimited amount of placed goods in a shop window;
  • the ability to pay for the goods immediately;
  • the ability to sell worldwide, i.e. access to the international market.

Of the shortcomings, it should be noted the inability to touch the goods. But this point is solved easily. The client can check and evaluate the quality of the goods upon receipt and then pay.

2. Landing

This type of site is designed to promote and sell a particular product or service. As a rule, it is presented in the form of a one-page site with a bright, eye-catching design. The purpose of the landing is to attract the client to the target action: the purchase of a particular product or service.


  • High site conversion.


  • Narrow focus. If you have two or more products, you need to create a separate landing page for each product. Or create an online store with a showcase for all products.

3. Promotional site

This type of site is created for presentations, promotions, contests, etc. In fact, promotional sites are very similar to landing pages, but can have more than one page. Ordering a promotional site is beneficial for large companies, so as not to load the main corporate site.


  • attracting the target audience;
  • high conversion;
  • narrow focus.


  • creating a promotional site for short-term campaigns is not profitable. They are created for stocks lasting from several weeks to several months.


If you need to realize some kind of informational goal, then the following types of sites are suitable for you:

1. Blog

As a rule, it is a personal website on a certain topic. The author offers information in the form of thematic articles with the possibility of commenting by readers. With the regular updating of articles, the blog more often gets indexed by search engines.


  • simple structure;
  • easy to promote;
  • Used as an advertising platform for partners.


  • you need to constantly monitor the regular updating and relevance of publications.

2. News site

This is an information resource with news from various fields: sports, art, culture, politics, territorial news, etc. This type of site is designed to quickly provide fresh information to users. It has a very complex structure.

Of the advantages, one can note the high indexation of such sites by search engines, a lot of traffic and attractiveness for advertisers.

Social Sites

If you need to attract people united by the same interests, problems, or vice versa, completely different people to communicate with each other, then you need social sites. This type of site includes forums, social networks, dating sites.

1. Website-forum

A site for users to communicate on certain topics. On such sites they ask questions and receive answers and consultations from other users or site administrators.

2. Social networks

A very popular resource in recent years. Now social networks within their framework realize the functions of many varieties of sites.

3. Dating sites

From the name it is clear for what purpose this kind of site is intended.


Service sites include:

  • message boards. These are sites where users place ads on buying, selling, providing services, searching for specialists, etc .;
  • Email sites for sending emails, documents, videos, etc. to recipients;
    hosting sites. This type of site is designed to store files, links, videos, music, etc .;
  • search engines – sites designed to search for various information or videos;
  • online consultation. On such sites, users are given the opportunity to receive specialized advice on certain issues;
  • directories are sites containing links to other projects, etc.


This type of site is intended for entertainment, recreation, etc.

Online Games

There is a wide variety of gaming sites. Such as network games, online casinos and so on.

So, this article lists the main types of sites that we have classified by purpose. Of course, in its pure form now no site can be found. Customers and website developers are trying, within the same project, to realize several goals. To get the most effective result in promoting your business in the online space.

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