Schema markup

Semantic Schema markup (according to the standard) is intended to structure the data on your website. It speeds up the reading of code from the pages of the site by search bots. The search system uses the information obtained from micro-marking to display advanced data in the search results. Enriches them with additional fields.

semantic schema markup by

Many of you have often seen in search results:

  • rating stars (products, recipes ..)
  • number of reviews
  • product price
  • Product availability
  • phone, company address
  • convenient and clear view of the site url sections
  • other data.

The appearance of such information about your site in the search means that the site has semantic schema markup.

I am often asked to make semantic schema markup for quick links. It’s impossible! Quick links are a separate story – they are automatically generated by the search engine at its discretion.

Is semantic schema markup necessary on the site? No, not necessarily. Search engines crawl your site even without schema markup. Only the processing of information from your site occurs according to its own search engine algorithms. And of course, there can be no question of any additional “attractive SEO” data in the search results for your site.

Therefore, semantic schema markup on the site is definitely good, although not necessary. The site will be clearer for search robots. Not random data from the entire code of the page will fall into the description of the url of the site, but the markup will indicate to the robot.

Note! Starting in 2019, search engines will no longer display rating stars for articles.

Engaged in the introduction of markup on sites for more than 5 years. I work with JSON-LD and microdata formats. Each site is individual. Leave your request on the site through the form or contact me in a convenient way for you on the contact page.

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