Turnkey website

Clean code, a minimum of plugins, no visual constructors, which are then difficult to figure out. No downloaded third-party templates. I do everything from scratch, individually for you.

What sites do I create:

  • Personal website: business card or blog (artist, photographer, craftsman, writer, guide …).
  • Information site (company, association, enterprise, news agency, school …).
  • Business site (restaurant, cafe, pizzeria, hotel or hotel, travel agency …).
  • Product catalog with feedback form (simplified store, without basket functionality, quick order by email).
  • Online store. A complete solution for eccommerce.

The main goals that will be achieved as a result:

  • Modernity. Only the latest versions of installed CMS, modules and plugins.
  • Adaptability. The site will correctly display on computers, tablets, smartphones.
  • Download speed. Upon completion of the layout – optimizing the speed of loading the site (caching, compressing images, script files, styles …).
  • Security. Email forms, registration on the site – with Google Recaptcha verification. Protection and password protection of the administrative part of the site. Installation and configuration of commercial protective equipment, if necessary.

CMS I work with:

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • OpenCart

Ecommerce solutions for online stores I work with :

  • WooCommerce (для WordPress)
  • JoomShopping (для Joomla)
  • Virtuemart (для Joomla)
  • Shopify
  • OpenCart

What is included in the cost of the “Turnkey Website” service:

  • Advice and assistance in purchasing a hosting (physical place for a site).
  • Help in registering a domain name (website address of the form mysite.com).
  • Installation, preparation, configuration of CMS to work.
  • Adaptive layout of an individual template, themes from scratch.
  • Installation, configuration of the necessary menus, plugins, modules.
  • Layout of menus, plugins, modules for site design.
  • Unlimited number of sliders.
  • Unlimited number of carousels of content, goods.
  • SEO optimization – microdata of site pages (articles, products) using Schema.org and JSON-LD – for a high-quality presentation of the site in the search results.
  • Website registration in the search engines Goolgle, Bing or oth.
  • Clean code – I do not install ready-made, downloaded or otherwise obtained templates for popular CMS, I create them myself according to your own or my own design layouts.
  • Website optimization (image compression, caching settings, html code validation).
  • Setting sitemap.xml
  • Configure robots.txt
  • Setup, installation of site protection tools.

What is NOT included in the “Turnkey Site” service:

  • Transfer of materials from the old site.
  • Filling the site with materials, goods, etc.
  • Website promotion.
  • Website integration with CRM systems.
  • Filling SEO texts.
  • Filling the site with articles.
  • Buying eternal links to the site.
  • Other wishes not directly related to the technical readiness of the site for filling and promotion.

Turnkey website cost

The cost of your future site is determined individually upon request. The price depends on the complexity of the project (on the structure of the site, the complexity of the design, the number of effects, the number of scripts that will need to be written, etc.).

For orientation: a simple business card site up to 10 turnkey pages – about $250.

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